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Hypnotherapy Book

techniques include:

Counseling (humanistic approach), Hypnotherapy (Clinical & Holistic approaches), Guided imagery, Life coaching, Visualization technique training, Breath-work (yogic & holotropic), NLP, Dream therapy, Depth hypnosis/Spiritual inner journey-work, Time-line therapy, Handwriting analysis, Grapho-therapeutics, Journaling techniques, Systems approach, Mind/Body connection, vocal expression/toning, Hypnotic suggestion with yoga ("Hypno-yoga"), Meditation guidance, Intuitive readings, Therapeutic journal writing techniques, Positive conscious Affirmations,Trance-art, writing and movement and more.



In the hypnotherapy process with Isabella, a unique journey is embarked upon. Your individual history and needs are  addressed holistically, i.e.  the 'whole you'  and what you want to achieve is honoured.  Through the ensuing hypnotherapy journey, comes release and discovery resulting in positive shifts and change. 

Isabella supports you in creating a strategic  approach to fit your unique sensibility and need. You come away from each session with discoveries and life-tools you can implement in your life right away.  In addition to her expertise in clinical issues, Ms Trimble empowers creative  inspiration and breakthroughs whether artistic or purely for self-improvement.  She has also helped many performers and other creatives overcome obstacles such as stage fright, writer's block, public speaking and creative blocks to name a few. 

More strings to Isabella's bow include over 20 years of experience with yoga and meditation.

A range of hypnosis audio recordings designed for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual areas of well-being and health are in the works and will be available through this website from Winter, 2016.


Isabella S. Trimble is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and  Holistic Hypnotherapist with a humanistic approach.  She is also certified in therapeutic guided imagery and handwriting analysis. 

A native of England, Isabella has also lived and worked for several years in the United States obtaining her degree in clinical & holistic hypnotherapy, therapeutic imagery & handwriting analysis at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in California. 

Isabella started her practice in Los Angeles where she became much in demand for self-esteem issues, stress and anxiety disorders - also creative blocks/inspirational motivation & spiritual journeywork , i.e. areas of mind/body spirit, particularly for women.
  Other areas of speciality include:  fears and phobias, sleep issues and has a high success rate with Smoking cessation and diet and exercise.  (See Areas of Specialty for more information.)

Isabella's first mentor and teacher in the art, craft and science of hypnosis was the late, legendary Polish mystic and acting coach, Leonidas Dudarow Ossetynski with whom she studied for 5 years and assisted in teaching his classes for 2 years. 

Isabella's approach to the work at hand adapts to the needs of the individual according to their expressed preferences..