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Hypnotherapy Book

issues & GOALS serveD include:



Self Esteem

Panic attacks

Fears & phobias
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
​Smoking Cessation

Over-eating/Binge eating

Sleep disorders

Stress management

Women's issues

Emotional release & healing

Self exploration & discovery

Habit modification

smoking cessation planS:

Smoking cessation sessions are available in 3 ways:

1) One session quit

2) Three sessions (prepare, quit, reinforce)

3) Six session progressive cessation, decreasing the amount each week until zero.       

Number 1) is for those who are well and truly ready to go "cold turkey" with the help of hypnosis.  This would mean people who don't want, or cannot for health reasons, allow the habit to go on a day longer.  Because it is a one session release, the session is two hours in length.  This is to ensure that all the mental, emotional and any other kind of attachments ("associations") to the habit are addressed.  The diagnostic and information gathering before-hand takes up about 30-40 min and the rest of the session is in hypnosis.

Number 2) is for those who are "almost" ready, but need support in preparation, to "psyche" themselves into the release.  This is what the first session accomplishes.  The second session releases the habit and the third session reinforces the release and empowers the subconscious in the new way of life.

Number 3) is for those who need to be weened off or who have a very stubborn, long-time habit.  In the 6 week program the new pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving is extremely strongly embedded in the subconscious mind so that by the 6th week, there is no more fear of releasing the habit and it feels natural.

Creative blocks/Inspiration
Decision making/finding direction


Procrastination & avoidance

Stage fright

Social anxiety

Exam nerves/study habits

Improving memory

Difficult relationships

Fear of Surgery

Age related issues
​Post Surgical Protocols

Mental/emotional release

Trust issues




Fear of Intimacy or abandonment

And more...


Mind Body Connection/Assisting the physical healing process

​Consciousness expansion


Pain Management

Fear of Flying

Public speaking