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Examples of different handwriting styles.  Cursive handwriting comes straight from our subconscious mind.

Handwriting and the Subconscious

Writing by hand is an action that is hard-wired to our nervous system. It is an idiometer response. So digitized have things become, that people are writing by hand less and less. This is sad and I want to encourage people to not lose touch with handwriting as a matter of mental, emotional and spiritual health. Writing your journal by hand deeply connects you to your true self. I don't mean just making a shopping list or jotting something down as reminder. I mean writing paragraphs and pages!  We all learned to write by hand, so forming letters and thinking through ones hands (from thought, down arm to hand, through writing utensil) goes back to your childhood. Let's not forget also, that we have been writing for thousands of years. This action therefore ties into our very DNA. 

     Our ancestors have been writing all the way down the line to when writing was invented. Our very thoughts are similar to scripts and our lives are very much like books. Our hands have been writing for thousands of years, not tapping keyboards! I actually think it's quite sad that school children are using computers to write with, more than pens and pencils. Writing out by hand has a naturally, self-realizing and cathartic effect. You will find that if you write out your thoughts, even the most painful experiences you will feel quite a bit better afterwards. It is like having an internal shower. As well as purging our subconscious, it allows for realization in the process.

     Writing by hand is an organic action we need to re-involve in our lives more often. Sadly for many people it is something they only do when signing their name or writing on an envelope. I encourage everyone to write a little bit for themselves each day, whether your dream, journal about your day, your hopes, a poem, an observation, just so long as it is from your psyche It is really good for you. Why not do one of the above every day for a week and notice the difference? When I work with people in hypnotherapy, I have them keep a dream journal and they find it to be very life-changing. Ones subconscious naturally flows through the handwriting process. I suggest giving yourself at least 2 sides of paper to write on. People have gotten lazy when it comes to

writing. It need not be hard fact if you see it as a form of release and you might be surprised at what you discover. So many embedded feelings and thoughts can become realized just by the simple act of writing by hand.

Frog chorus Hypnosis

Frog choruses are amongst the most hypnotic sounds on earth, able to put one into alpha, theta and delta states. The first voice and vocalizations of an indigenous life form on our planet is thought to be that of a frog. Each species of frog has a unique call and even more interestingly, there are different dialects or accents according to region. So for example, using the UK as example, a frog in Wales has a different dialect to a frog in Yorkshire or Kent. Frog language is mysterious, something that is not understood for the most part, beyond the mating call aspect (expressed by males). Frog vocalization is made through pushing air through their larynx. There is too much to be said about Frogs including the tragic fact that frog species are disappearing each year at an alarming rate. Other group consciousness choruses that have the ability to tip our consciousness into expansive states include the sound of bees, crickets and birds. There are probably others too. I'll give it a think. Feel free to post if you can come up with others or wish to comment on this subject. Here is a recording of a Hungarian species of frog (they do not say which):


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Hypnogogia is the intermediate or transitional state either between being awake and asleep or vice versa. It is a drowsiness.
The hypnogocic state is an excellent state for learning new languages, vocabulary, reciting positive affirmations or anything word based. It is also good for stretching, writing out ones feelings, drawing, making music or anything creative at all. We are less critical when we are hypnogic. We are more impressionable as it is quite literally a trance state. It is therefore not a good idea to watch or listen to anything upsetting during this impressionable state as it can impress your subconscious more deeply which can have ripple effect. Good to abstain from argument or conflict in such a state also. Try to keep to positive input, messages, sounds, environments when you are hypnogogic and make use of it's impressionability for the better!