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A little about consciousness

As we know, this thing we call "consciousness" is multi-dimensional and although we call that which is below conscious awareness "subconscious", this terminology is a general umbrella term used for sake of ease, to encompass that which exists beyond conscious awareness.  In this realm or realms, is also the unconcsious and superconscious as well as other dimensions yet to be named. 

It is possible in hypnosis to receive genius ideas, visions and insights as well as to have experiences of a deeply spiritual nature, including expanded compassion.  These aspects and kinds of consciousness are accessible whether one is having issue- based hypnotherapy to overcome or change something, or for self-improvement or purely creative, non-issue based hypnotherapy.

non-issue oriented exploratory hypnosis

hypnotherapy & belief structures

As patterns of belief that no longer serve you are gently acknowledged, allowed to communicate, process and release as well as new discoveries and connections/shifts realized and felt, they drop away of their own accord.  During this change-work and change-over, emotions can come up that were dormant, of any description. Anything that is painful that comes up is venting and brings information with it and ultimately, deeper understanding than was there before as to its nature and to the truth that needs realization.  This usually comes soon after the painful realization and can even occur simultaneously, or it can come to the fore one or two sessions later or in idle moments of daydreaming between sessions and through nocturnal dreams.  Everyone's subconscious mind is unique and fascinating and has its own sensitivities and specific matrix of belief structures. 


Once the matrix of a belief structure is revealed, dialogued with and understood it is possible to make the changes in architecture necessary and/or lay new foundations that are positive or reinforce existing ones which need supporting. In this shift-shaping state of awareness, the creative patterning movements happen quite naturally as the subconscious is extremely creative, when it is opened up to itself!  The shifting into natural position that serves you can continue happening weeks, and months afterwards, for once the ball of realization and motivation has been set in motion, it keeps revealing and exploring.  It is an adventure of inner discovery which renews experiential existence.

The subconscious is an extremely elegant, living, breathing dimension of mind that once freed out of a groove can move mountains, so to speak. It contains and can access answers to anything and there is no limit to its creativity. 

When your subconscious mind is aligned with your highest good, free of negative and destructive scripting and mapping towards the issue(s) or goals at hand, and on the same page with your intentions and goals, it will work ceaselessly in its dimension to empower you.  Positive changes and even miraculous shifts can occur naturally as a result.

Hypnotherapy is also tremendously useful for non-issue based exploration, for example, of a creative and or spiritual nature.  One may wish to explore curiosities of thought and imagination.  In this kind of process, the client usually wishes to learn or explore something so that they can gain insight into it, however they may also simply wish to have a fun and interesting exploration. 

Even though the use of hypnosis in these instances is not issue-based, its effect is usually very therapeutic in that the client makes discoveries that are helpful, useful and liberating.


SESSion duration


A first session is 1.5 hours or 2 hours, upon prior agreement based on complexity of issue.  Subsequent sessions are 1 hour. Longer sessions are also possible upon prior arrangement.  Some kinds of exploration and release require longer.  Further information upon inquiry.


Whether you are having a single session or a series of sessions, Hypnotic suggestibilty is always assessed prior to embarking on hypnotherapy and a plan of action is decided upon between hypnotherapist and client.  A little diagnostic homework is given to the client to be completed in handwriting as well as some questions about the history of the issue, any concerns and goals. Clients must abstain from intoxicants prior to hypnosis. Loose clothing is preferable but not essential, in order to be comfortable when lying down.

How does it feel?

Sensations while in hypnosis may vary, however the physical body often feels pleasantly limp, light or simply relaxed. The mind may experience a feeling of gentle expansion and calm; a release from stress and effort.


Sensory awareness may become heightened, for example, more attuned to hearing in a gentle way.     


Images, memories, thoughts, ideas or intuitions may drift in and out of your mind or crystallize into lucid, calm recognitions. You may feel a light dream state and your body may feel slightly numb or more alert, the way one feels after exercising or a day at the beach.


After the session you will feel a sense of release and relief on various levels; a feeling of new energy, possibility and well-being. It’s as if you have gone on holiday, or your mind has been to a spa and given you the day off.

It is best not to drive straight away after a long (2 hours or more) hypnotherapy session as long hypnosis immersions can take up to one hour to be fully engaged in the outer world.  Splashing face with cold water and doing a little physical activity before hand, such as jumping jacks and saying the word "focus" out loud is helpful.  The hypnotherapist normally also gives a post-hypnotic suggestion that the outside air will make you feel alert.

An interesting  natural by-product of hypnotherapy warranting mention, is that dreams become more active and/or vivid.  Even those who did not remember their dreams before, begin doing so.  Clients also tend to find that they become more aware and attuned intuitively and in other ways.


  • A combination of professional counseling while in cognitive state, followed by hypnotic induction and conversation while subject is in hypnotic trance. 

  • Positive, therapeutic suggestions woven into the dialogue between hypnotherapist and client. 

  • A discovery process through which improvements and/or change of feeling, behavior and thinking are achieved.

  • Scientifically proven to change habits and improve many emotional and mental conditions and states.

  • Hypnotherapy is faster acting, more effective and enjoyable than trying to use will power and/or wrestling analytically with ones conscious mind.

  • Hypnotherapy has been clinically proven to bring behavioral CHANGE faster than any other form of mind therapy and can give long-term, even permanent resolution.

  • Used for clinical issues, vocational and avocational improvement and holistic health.













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about the process


In a series of sessions, each week there are   certain small tasks given to the client informed  by the previous session and discoveries made therein. These will be things that the client his or herself has expressed a desire to do or incorporate into the week and which is a part of the change-work at hand.  They will be simple, incremental changes and/or actions without pressure or demand and which their subconscious mind has expressed readiness and willingness to do. Each week, resistances vent out (through dreams and other subconscious modalities which will be explained) are processed and released, making the new path dynamically easier and clearer of perceived obstacles.