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Based on my experience and those I have sent to Isabella Trimble, the results are consistently excellent.    In addition to her technical skill as a hypnotherapist, I can say that she isbar none, one of the most intuitive people I know, definitely clairvoyant and clairaudient. Extremely accurate.  In working with her you can expect a high standard of competence, compassion and artistry resulting in meaningful discoveries and change. Be it problem habits, health, anxiety, emotions, psychological difficulties, fears or changing mindset to live more fully, Isabelle has the ability to bring real results.

I whole heartedly reccommend Isabella Trimble for troubling issues and self improvement goals.

- Dr. Richard Grossman, Los Angeles​

I am doing much better now!  I am going forward!  The old negative ways are gone. When I came to you I was so stressed out I could hardly leave my house. Now I just stay in a positive focus and remember to breathe like you showed me. I never thought I could be happy but I am enjoying myself now, whether at work or at play thanks to the work we did.  I don't hide away anymore.  I enjoy life now!  Thank you!

-Carlos Martinez, businessman, Los Angeles

The hypnotherapy you did with me helped me get through a terrible time and triumph over it. I still feel the effects of the sessions we did 3 years ago.  I understand myself so much better now. The wisdom my subconscious revealed blew me away. I love me now! If ever I need to change something else, I'll call you in a heartbeat  :-)

- Elizabeth, film professional, London

Isabella is the hypnotherapist to see in London to help you get things sorted out in your life. She does wonderful work on the subconscious mind. With her skills, experience and highly intuitive sense she helps you sort out issues you never thought were possible. I felt safe and the experience was lovely.  Some parts were very emotional, but necessary.  I was able to really let go and access deep wisdom I didn't even know was there.  The results of our sessions happened quickly and I can honestly say that the issue I came to see her about (that I'd had a long time)  is no longer going on in my life even three years later. 

-Valerie Bonhomme, entrepreneur, 'Relax your Life', London

The sessions with you felt like an adventure and collaborative process on many levels.  They caused me to think more deeply about my life. I felt healed in ways I did not expect.  It was transformative. Let me thank you again Isabella because I gained so much."

- Joe Santoromana, conceptual artist & curator

All it took was a one and a half session by phone with Isabella to clear up 10 years of stage fright.  I did not expect it to work so quickly.  First we spoke about the issue, then she induced hypnosis and helped me find the key to release the fear. I am a dancer and had this problem since certain things happened in my life. Isabelle said she'd do her best.  I had an important performance that night.  It was emotional but a very positive experience. That night, I performed without fear for the first time in a decade! Five years later, the fear has not returned. I still can't believe how powerful that one session was.

- Lila, flamenco dancer, Paris

Isabella, I will never forget how fast you helped me to detach from a dysfunctional relationship with one hypno session. My mind and life changed for the better.  I don't know if I ever expressed  how much I appreciated your work and still do!

- Kamila Blazena, yoga teacher, Czechoslovakia

Recovering soul pieces, one bit at a time.  A guide unlike any other, traveling on the sound of a beautiful and deeply calming voice.

- Russia, Actress, Los Angeles

Your passion to use hypnosis towards its highest creative end is co-inspiring!  Thank you for what you did for me Isabella!  I am no longer blocked!

- Sobey, artist, Los Angeles